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DeKalb County Rants and Raves

southern trees bear strange fruit INDEED

fort PAIN natives
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Hello, and welcome to x256x. I created this community simply out of boredom, and curiosity to see if there's ANYONE else on livejournal besides me and a couple of other people that live in the wonderful land of Fort Payne, AL and its surrounding areas (such as Rainsville, Scottsboro, and Gadsden... you get the idea). So if you're fortunate enough (hahahahah) to live in Northeast Alabama, then please do join. We need a place to come together + rant about bullshit that goes on in Dekalb County and its surrounding areas: being overrun by mexicans without green cards, dry counties, walmart being the designated HANGOUT for some reason, bible thumpers, cross burners, whatever. And maybe if something GOOD happens here, we'll talk about that too. So, join, dammit!

note: most of the interests were added in a sardonic manner; do you think i actually fucking LIKE college football, prohibition, or right-wing conservatives? no, but people DO look this crap up and maybe they'll find this community that way. you certainly don't think most people that live in dekalb county are going to try to find a community for motorhead fans, did you? okay, i would. but that's besides the point. JOIN AND PROMOTE.
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