issyxtina (issyxtina) wrote in x256x,

this might offend a few of you... but it's a rant, so get over it :)

i know most of you empathize...

my boyfriend said the other day that fort payne is becoming a bad place to live (as in, the crime rate is going up, and the fact that it's turning into little mexico). i guess i can kind of agree... at least with the latter part anyway. like for instance, we got something addressed to OUR FAMILY in the mail today, yet the whole damn thing was in spanish. we are a middle class, white, english speaking family. my dad watches nascar and we make occasional racist jokes (guilty). we do NOT read/speak/understand/comprehend the spanish language, nor do we want to (unless i were to move to THEIR country, then i'd most definitely learn THEIR language. but unfortunately, i have no plans of doing so). also please stop sending mail for jose alvarez guadalupe the third or so and so and his entire extended family to our mailbox. thank you.

also, it's a pain in the ass when i can't even take a walk in my own neighborhood with NO makeup on, hair up in a ponytail, old sweatpants and a hoodie, looking like a 12 year old basically, without one of them whistling at me or trying to talk to me. PISS OFF!
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AMEN. I live in Fort Payne.... I know exactly how you feel!!
i'm starting to wonder how the netherlands would be to live... i've heard it's cold there... but what with this whole global warming thing, it might not be too bad... haha.
heh... I've been there before, its kinda dreary and rainy. If I were to move, it'd be to Switzerland! :D
i've contemplated switzerland as well. i'd live in a little house in the swiss alps and wear braids in my hair and be just like heidi! ahaha.
ps - just kidding... well, about the braids part at least.
lmao... well from what I've seen of your pictures, you wouldn't exactly fit into the "Heidi" mold, darling :p (and on that note, nor would I, I'd be more like a 'Helga'or something: the fat, swiss brunette. HAH.)