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question about fergusons

so i've been unemployed and broke for about a month. i was working at hardee's, but geez, what a terrible place to work (and the management kind of sucks). so i quit. i'm aspiring to greater things... like a mill or something lmao. so my boyfriend works at ovalstrapping, and one of his coworkers told him that his wife works at ferguson (or is it ferguson's) and that it's possible i could get a job there. (i guess because i'm a woman too, who knows). so does anyone know about that place, i've heard some good things about it, but does anyone know how hard it is to get on? brad told me that some dude whose only prior job experience was bagging groceries at foodland got a job there, so i guess it can't be that hard. but... i dunno. i still want to know more. lemme know pleaseeee!
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