I am the 5th Freedom: Gorilla Me Biscuits (dezibus) wrote in x256x,
I am the 5th Freedom: Gorilla Me Biscuits

Putting the A in Asshole.

Okay, I was thinking. Actually i had been thinking for a while. I just never act on things sometimes. Because while thinking about things, I also forget. I was wondering what the hell happened to this community? True, that it didn't really get off to start with, but much like Issy, its been MIA. So I think anyone who's a member, sound off on here. At least for a bit. I think missblueyeddeath or however you spell it, I think she's our lone moderator. I dunno. I mean if it sucks this bad, and noone wants to post, I can attempt to create another similar themed community and we can all begin anew*! (that depends on if "anew" is a word, which it probably isn't.)

K. Bye.
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