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The hell?

This community was a great idea when Issy started it, and then it started slipping downhill a few months after it started, and now that Issy is gone, this entire community just fucking died. First of all, I have no idea what happened to Christena. The last time I saw her was a couple of weeks ago at Ryan's in Fort Payne, but as far as her LJ goes, no clue. I haven't deleted her from my f'list yet because I'm hoping she'll come back. Heh.

Anyways, what's going on with everyone? Sememster is coming to a close at NE, so that is fucking EGGciting! Going to see Angie Aparo at Goosepond ( Scottsboro ) here in a few weeks, and you assholes need to come for real!

And...dezibus contracted AIDS recently from loving a woman who was not clean. Send good thoughts his way. He'll need them with the upcoming treatments and all.

I think that is about it.
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