I am the 5th Freedom: Gorilla Me Biscuits (dezibus) wrote in x256x,
I am the 5th Freedom: Gorilla Me Biscuits


Okay I know you people are out there. Some of you anyways. Join me. Let us make this a large, strong community. You know crazy shit. Plan some cool stuff, etc etc. At least talk on here. :)
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Apparently everyone has either died or is doing something more exicting than I am.

:| College final weeks suck btw.
Or me. lol

Well it will be over soon..... maybe
Behold the glory of Kenny as I post upon a communtiy of little importance!
I still breathe! :-]
the dogtown tribe says : HOW
The dogtown tribe???
the Dogtown Tribe.
Me and my people....the ones that are to lazy to get an LJ so just watch over my shoulder...

We all say HOW aka: Hello Wade, how the fuck have you been.

You totally killed my cool joke... :P
good lord how many people are in the dogtown tribe???

I've been, ok I suppose. how about you?

im still here ..... i think.....i need to get to know some of you cause im all alone
its never good to be all alone....

I can't win. I'll find your deep dark secret. But you've probably already told me, and there's no shame in you, and that would mean I won't win. lol
...contented smile...

I love the taste of winning. ;-]
You mean semen. OOOOOOOH Snap!!!! Burned.

That was weak sauce.